What to expect in a private lesson at Freedom Music Studios

Ever wondered what happens in a private singing lesson? Have you always wanted to have a one on one session but not known how to go about it?

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll experience when you start private singing lessons with Freedom Music Studios.

Each lesson begins with a voice training workout consisting of a series of ‘on pitch’ exercises (played on the piano by your singing teacher) prescribed specifically for your vocal needs.

Initially we warm up the voice and then focus on the areas of weakness in order to improve coordination and flexibility. This section may also include harmony, improvisation, sight reading and composition depending on the needs of each student.

Following the voice training, students then work on a song of their choice. This can be any song that you are comfortable with or wish to learn to sing.

Initially the focus is on song familiarisation, correct pitch, breathing, vowel shapes, vocal onsets and other technical aspects.

Once you’re negotiating the melody, with a safe and balanced technique, our singing teachers will focus on aspects of performance and microphone technique.

Students also have the opportunity to record their songs using semi-professional equipment which is great for highlighting their progress and to play for friends and relatives!

You can also opt to attend our extra performance classes as we’ve often got so much to fit into a private lesson! The performance classes will allow you to focus on your style and get you ready to showcase your new and improved skills.

To sign up for a private singing lesson or to learn more about it, head over to our contact us page at the Freedom Music Studios website.