Infant, Toddler and Pre-School Music Classes

Planting the Musical Seeds for Children and their Carers. We have three levels of classes – Movers, Shakers, and Groovers.



Monday 10:15-11:00am

Tuesday 10:15-11:00am

Friday 10:15-11:00am


Interested in our Move, Shake and Groove classes?

0-5 Year-Old Music lessons


  • To develop the confidence of the primary care giver to share a love of music with their child.
  • To expose the children to basic musical elements such as steady beat, focus, listening and phrasing.
  • To develop the child’s confidence and interest in music.
  • To provide material that parents can use beyond the classroom and incorporate as part of the child’s daily routine enabling quality musical experiences to become part of their everyday life.
  • To provide musical material in the form of songs, rhymes and games that may be incorporated into the daily life of the child.
  • To enhance the many skills that children of this age are beginning to learn and explore such as listening, gross motor skills, language, speech, focus and confidence.
  • To foster the child’s interest in musical creativity.


Each class runs for 40 minutes.  The class begins with an introductory song using the children’s names and actions chosen by them and the parents.  This enables the child, teacher, and other parents to become familiar with their name and enables the child to take some ownership over the class by picking an action they may have just learned.

Following this, we participate in a range of musical activities involving play and exploration.  These may include…

  • Musical peek-a-boo activities that develop confidence and an understanding of musical phrasing.
  • Lap plays to allowing the child to experience a sense of steady beat.
  • Puppetry and props to encourage focus.
  • Simple dances involving the carer holding the child whilst performing basic steps. This enables the children to experience beat, rhythm and enjoyment.
  • Musical storytelling.
  • Parachute activities for relaxation and confidence.
  • Simple action songs and dances to enhance gross motor skills and develop an understanding of steady beat.
  • Songs and rhymes to develop language, speech, and tend vocabularies.
  • The use of percussion instruments to play along with musical pieces which stop and start periodically. This enables them to feel included in the music-making process, develop listening skills and experience the concept of steady beat.
  • Storytelling and singing using props, puppetry, and visual aids to help develop focus, language, and engagement.

The best music educator for the young child is the primary caregiver. These classes will help the carer fulfil this important role.



Come and try, but don’t be concerned if your child seems restless or distracted. It does take a few weeks for every child to settle into the program.

Following the trial, we will provide you with some information and the opportunity to enrol for the term.

The fees are $20 per class. Billed either weekly by direct debit or paid upfront by the term.

Siblings may attend for just $5 extra per child!


There’s no rush to leave! Feel free to mingle after the class with a complimentary tea or coffee

“Using music to enhance the development of gross motor skills, language and confidence.”