Group Singing, Guitar and Keyboard Lessons for ages 5 to 15

Is your child showing an interest in music?

Do they constantly sing around the house?

Have they recently joined the school choir or talked about playing instruments in music classes?

Or are they directly asking you to find them a singing or music class?

What our music academy can offer children

  • A tertiary qualified instructor with industry experience, first aid certificate, working with children check and years of experience working with children. We ensure your child gets the best possible start on their musical journey.
  • A step by step approach to great singing/playing technique enabling them to gradually build strength. flexibility and range whilst reducing strain and consequently singing/playing safely.
  • Free access to our extensive library of backing tracks and resources making it easy for children to practice at home.
  • The opportunity to participate in regular performance events which provide children with a goal to focus on as they prepare. This in turn motivates them to practice and attend their lessons.
  • The opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops covering topics such as performance, musical theatre, acting and movement.
  • A supportive and friendly environment so they feel comfortable as soon as they walk in the door. Children who are relaxed are more likely to tap into their creativity and learn more quickly by taking risks and making mistakes.
  • Being part of our ‘Freedom Family’. We welcome you to our extended community of students, teachers and their families who support, nurture and encourage our students to be the best they can be. Music is all about bringing people together and getting to know other children of similar ages will maintain your child’s enthusiasm towards lessons.

View some photos from our performance events

Female student singing at one of our performance nights

Class Timetable

1. 50% OFF First Trial Consultation

All new students begin with 50% off their first trial class, preferably in the same time slot as they will prospectively continue in. During this time they will meet their teacher and fellow students and have a chance to gain the full class experience. This helps us to find out more about your child and enables them to get a good feel for what they can expect if they begin singing lessons with us. At the conclusion of the class the student will be provided with an information and enrolment package to take home and read with their parents before deciding if they’d like to continue.

2. Freedom First Notes Academy

Most children under 16 will start at our Freedom First Notes Academy. These are small group classes (maximum 3 students) which foster a students interest in singing and performing in a fun and encouraging environment. In these classes students will learn:

  • The basics of safe and effective technique.
  • Introductory musical theory and terminology such as pitch, rhythm, beat, dynamics and melody.
  • Performance skills and microphone technique.

Classes have a minimum of two and a maximum of three students and run for 30 or 60 minutes depending on the age group and instrument type. Students begin with technical exercises and then learn songs both as a group and solo. Children are encouraged to participate in performances within their groups but are never forced.

The benefits of starting at Freedom First Notes Academy…

  • It’s a cost effective solution for parents, allowing children to satisfy their interest in singing without incurring a hefty expense.
  • Children adopt a ‘safety in numbers’ approach whereby a beginner feels more comfortable singing whilst surrounded by children of a similar age and ability.
  • They are a fantastic introduction to singing and singing lessons for children. If your child continues to show a keen interest, they can move on to private lessons when ready.