Private Piano, Guitar, Bass Drum and Ukulele Lessons

Have you always wished you could pick up an instrument and just effortlessly play? Lessons are tailored to the individual and include technical exercises, instrument maintenance and the study of pieces specific to the students influences.

Tuition will also help you…

  • Learn where the notes are and how to build a wide range of techniques.
  • Strengthen your hands so you can easily master your instrument.
  • Learn what to play and where to play it.
  • Work towards and achieve the level of playing you are striving for.

All ages welcome from children to adults.

Our aim is to structure each lesson according to the needs of the student. Lessons are held in a relaxed and friendly environment where students are encouraged to discipline themselves, work hard and the enjoy the rewards that follow!

All lessons may be taken either online or in person.

Interested in Instrumental Lessons?

Meet Hezy Suramarta
Bass, Guitar, Drums, Piano, Ukulele, Composition and Song Writing Teacher

Hezy has joined the teaching team at Freedom and is now available for keyboard, piano, guitar, bass and drums from beginner to advance.

I am a passionate musician and music teacher, who’s currently teaching at 4 primary schools and giving private lessons to students of all age in Melbourne. I am proficient in teaching keyboard, piano, guitar, bass and drums. I have been actively involved both in the music industry and music teaching for more than 15 years.

I hold a strong belief that music has the power to change lives, to enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people and serve as a profound medium of personal expression. I seek to equip students with the performance, composition and theoretical skills that will see them excel in any path they take in music. I am a highly outcome-driven and motivated with solid experience. As a member of a contemporary jazz band, I have been performing in many Jazz Festivals in Victoria, weddings and corporate events.

Meet Stephanie Chin
Piano and Theory Teacher

Stephanie is an accomplished pianist with over a decade of training in classical piano and music theory. Stephanie has been trained under the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada, completing both practical and theory examinations to a high level and achieving accreditation towards university studies.

Stephanie has performed as an accompanist in both jazz and mixed choirs along with church choirs. She also has experience teaching beginner students.

Today, Stephanie has a passion for a variety of genres of music, particularly pop and Top 40s. She hopes to instil a lifelong passion for music, particularly to beginning pianists in a fun and engaging manner. Lessons will be tailored to suit each student’s needs and interests. Stephanie has a valid Working with Children Check.

Meet Callum Mcdonald
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele and Music Theory Teacher

Callum is a guitarist with over a decade of performance experience from when he was in primary school all the way through to today.

He has always been a keen musician, playing in school musicals, performance nights, awards ceremonies, and more throughout his schooling. As Music Captain and head of the jazz ensemble in high school, he achieved multiple creative achievement/music awards and completed VCE music performance. Callum was accepted to the Melbourne Conservatory of Music before leaving to pursue a Bachelor of Applied Music – Composition which he concluded in 2021.

Today, he spends his time writing music, with the hopes of one day becoming a full-time film composer.

Callum is more than excited to share his passion for all things music with anyone and everyone who wants to learn.

Meet Reece Newitt
Drums, Bass and Music Production Teacher

Reece has just finished a degree in Music Production at Collarts University, allowing him to run and partake in professional studio sessions. He has written, mixed, and mastered several EP’S from various genres, including Jazz and Rock. Reece has a passion for performing and can aid any student to become a rockstar on stage. Reece has a contemporary teaching style as he uses lessons to focus on techniques individualised for students and caters the lesson to each student’s end goal.

Meet Eric Stock
Bass, Guitar, Drum, and Piano Teacher

Eric holds a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Teaching. Eric is a ‘Musical Futures Champion Teacher’ with over 20 years of instrumental teaching experience. ‘Musical Futures’ is an approach to the teaching and learning of music that promotes innovation, inclusion, diversity, and lots of music-making. Teaching and learning are driven by the musical culture of the participants, rather than being limited to a specific musical style, genre, or method. Eric has decades of experience in the music industry and we are fortunate to have him on our team!

50% OFF your First Trial Consultation

All new students begin with 50% off their first trial class, preferably in the same time slot as they will prospectively continue in. During this time they will meet their teacher and fellow students and have a chance to gain the full class experience. This helps us to find out more about your child and enables them to get a good feel for what they can expect if they begin singing lessons with us. At the conclusion of the class, the student will be provided with an information and enrolment package to take home and read with their parents before deciding if they’d like to continue.