Performance events

Here at Freedom Music Studios we are incredibly passionate about offering our students a regular opportunity to perform in front of a live audience. Sometimes when students stand up in front of an audience they become nervous. This in turn affects their technique and they may not perform or play as well as they had during lessons and practice. The only way to calm your nerves is to…. keep performing!

If you only get the opportunity to perform at one or two annual concerts, it’s going to take a very long time for students to feel more comfortable. That’s why we offer 9 scheduled performance events per year. As well as this, we regularly provide the opportunity for students to perform at local festivals, fetes, shopping centres, and charity dinners.

When a student has a performance to prepare for they are far more motivated to practice and attend lessons as they are working towards a goal. After attending a performance, students feel inspired by watching others perform, encouraged by our supportive community, and always come out the other side with masses of enthusiasm and a host of ideas for their next performance!

Because our community meets so regularly, students and families have the opportunity to make new friends and as a result, we have formed the warm and welcoming ‘Freedom Family’.

See some of our live student performances – YouTube channel

What performances do we offer?

Sunday Sessions

Students are given the opportunity to perform the song they are currently learning in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Family and friends are encouraged to come along and support our budding superstars! This event is designed to give our students a much-needed performance experience. Students are encouraged to participate in a number of Sunday Sessions before performing at Cabaret Live!

Open Mic Nights

Throughout the year we have open mic nights for the local community and all Freedom students to perform! Held at our studio, fortnightly, on Thursday nights from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm. Drums, piano, amp, microphones, and mic stands are provided for all performers. This event is open to anyone wanting to gain more performance experience and enjoy some live music.

Showcase Live

Students get the full performance experience as they are backed by a live band, not only do they get to perform their solo song but they also participate in a group song with kids their age, as well as a closing act with all the performers from the night. The group songs and closing act are coordinated on Sunday Mornings with our Vocal staff – these items are not compulsory but are very encouraged (and enjoyed by all students). This fabulous social event is held in a professional theatre with a full-sized stage, lighting, and sound rig. A glittering night that will be enjoyed immensely by our students and their families.

Christmas Concert

This is our last event for the year and we like to finish it with a bang!  Our Christmas Concert is all about coming together and celebrating the achievements of our students throughout the year.  We encourage them to join forces and perform in groups as well as solo acts. The event is held in a professional theatre with a full-sized stage, lighting, and sound rig. This is a black-tie event where students are asked to dress to their finest, walk, and be interviewed on the red carpet as they enter the building, and generally feel very special and valued.  Lots of fun for the entire family!

Community Performances

Throughout the year we have students performing at many local events to again provide them with a different style of performance experience. Events we have been part of in the past include Knox Festival, Stringybark Festival, St Jude’s Fair, Stud Park Shopping Centre, Charity Dinners for River Valley Church Superhero’s Camp, St Simons Community Fair and many more!

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