Limelight artists

When a student has attended private lessons with us for over three years, performed regularly on our event circuit and is starting to really hone their skills as a musician and performer, we give them the opportunity to extend to the next level…. We develop them from a student into an Artist.

Our Limelight Artists spend the bulk of the year working towards the end of year Limelight Artist Showcase. This is where each artist has the opportunity to perform a full 30 minute set of songs (including at least one original number) completely live, in a public venue. Performing a full set of songs gives the artists a chance to experience settling in on stage, conversing with the crowd between songs and performing for longer than 5 minutes at a time.

Over the course of the year, we work with our Limelight Artists to…

  • Develop their own style and identity
  • Develop the message they wish to portray through their music
  • Develop song writing and composition skills enabling them to continue writing original music
  • Start an APRA account and register their original songs
  • Acquire professional photos for promoting themselves
  • Gain exposure to the public eye and creating a following through Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts
  • Record their songs so they can publicly share or sell them
  • Complete short videos for promotional purposes
  • Feel comfortable taking the ‘next step’ by booking their own gigs and performing their Showcase set at public venues

Being ‘crowned’ as a Limelight Artist is a huge honour among our students. They are publicly presented and promoted within the Freedom Community as role models and as something that other students can aspire to.

Our Limelight Artists are also the first students asked to represent us at public events such as Festivals, Fetes, Shopping Centres, Charity Dinners and Community Events.

Once a student becomes a Limelight Artist, they will stay as a Limelight Artist throughout their time here at Freedom. Each year they work towards developing their set, writing more and more originals and establishing them as an independent artist. Eventually, they will have the skills, abilities and confidence to drive their own career when they choose to finish with us.

Limelight Artists

Louise Acheson
Paris Collins
Sasha Oskorep