How To Blitz Your School Musical Audition

It’s that time of year where many students are auditioning for that prized position in their school’s Musical Production. Whether you land a lead role, or you are placed in the ensemble, being part of a Musical Production is a rewarding and enriching experience. Over the years we’ve helped many of our students prepare for and be very successful in the audition process.
This week, we spoke to two members of our Freedom Community for their advice when preparing for your audition….

Hayley Noy – Our Musical Theatre Specialist Teacher

Hayley has given us 5 tips for your approach to your audition…

1. Know your stuff. You’ll feel so much more comfortable walking into an audition if you know the story, who your character is and what they sing
2. Never look at the panel. It puts you and them off
3. Just keep going! If you miss a note or you forget a line, don’t break character and just keep going! A panel really appreciate that!
4. It doesn’t have to be perfect. They are looking for someone who will be prepared to learn the role in a few months, not ready to perform tomorrow.
5. The panel want you to do well! You should always walk in positive and ready to enjoy yourself as this is another opportunity to do what you love

PARIS COLLINS – Voice Student, 16 years old

Being given a principal role in my school musical, All Shook Up, was the most rewarding yet chaotic experience i’ve ever been through. I pushed myself to become better and learn quicker.
Of course, with help from Clare I was reaching notes that I would have previously shy away from. Without Freedom i would never have been able to perform in front of a crowd of over 200 strangers to sing, dance and act!!
Freedom is a vessel for confidence building and development and I am so privileged to be a part of the Freedom Family.”

Our Advice Is… GO FOR IT! you’ve always wanted to be part of a Musical Production whether you’re at school or otherwise, get outside your comfort zone and sign up for that audition! Even the audition process alone is a great experience. The biggest thing to remember is that auditioning is not about being the ‘best’. The producers are looking for a particular style of voice, personality and look for each of the roles on offer.  So smile, be confident and enjoy the experience.  You never know, it might just be you they are looking for!!