How we assess your voice before starting singing lessons!

Everyone’s voice is different and unique. We learn to speak, but we often don’t understand how our voice works or how to make the most of it. At Freedom Music Studios, our aim is to support every student in using their voice in the safest and most effective way possible. To know how to best use our voice, we have to first know what our vocal ability is.

Here’s how we do a vocal assessment for all students taking singling lessons with us!


All new students, from beginners to advanced, will complete a short vocal assessment in their first lesson.

Following your vocal assessment, our singing teachers will discuss what they discovered and give you some recommendations for your voice. From this point, all vocal exercises are geared specifically to address the areas needing work in your individual voice. Our method establishes and strengthens the bottom, top and then middle regions of your voice.

Our expert vocal coaches are trained to use a tool box of vowels, consonants, scale patterns and unfinished sounds that will balance out your voice in no time. Initially, our vocal coaches work towards applying good technique and balance in the voice. We then work on strength, flexibility and voice preservation. We can then introduce vocal style. Our training can provide you with a reliable technique that will last a lifetime.

Want to know how to feel more confident as an experienced singer? We can help you learn how to maximise your singing bridge.


Each student, no matter how experienced, will find there are certain areas of their voice where singing is more difficult than others. These are called vocal bridges or passagio. Singing within your bridge is known as singing ‘in the mix’ as these regions require a mixture of both the bottom and top of your voice. Singing in the mix produces a very high energy sound which is exciting to listen to, therefore many styles of song include phrases or even whole sections that require a singer to use the mix voice.

Mastering your mix voice requires fine muscular coordination as the muscles engaged to produce your low notes are gradually released while the muscles required to produce your top notes are gradually engaged. This coordination is crucial to producing a smooth connected sound as you ascend in pitch (and vice versa when you descend).

With regular practice, and helpful guidance, you’ll be singing through your vocal bridges with ease.

To speak with us about having a vocal assessment, head over to our contact us page at the Freedom Music Studios website.