2017 May Cabaret Live!

The Opening Act at our 2017 May Cabaret Live!

A few weeks ago, we staged one of our biggest performance events of the year, our May Cabaret Live! Here at Freedom, we run 12 performance events per year, however; our Cabaret Live shows are the biggest and most exciting of them all.  

In summary, we have approximately 30 students (ranging from 5 years old to adult) perform a solo song with a completely live 7 piece band.  Each student also participates in the Opening Act and a Group Act with the other performers in their age group.

The event takes vast amounts of preparation as in the months leading up we have band rehearsals and group rehearsals. However, what I love is the final product.  It’s a massive celebration of working together as students, band members, teachers, sound and lighting crew, photographers, videographers and families and friends all work together to ensure the night is a raging success.

This event was a little different to past events as three weeks prior we learnt there had been an issue with booking the venue and we had to find a new venue quick smart! It certainly was a stressful week as we visited many venues to find a replacement. We were incredibly lucky to find the St Jude’s Community Centre to stage our event and it was a raging success!

Congratulations to all the students who performed.

Our next Cabaret Live show is on October 15th and we’ve already started preparing!

Check out all our senior students performing Crazy In Love on the night…

For more photo’s check out our 2017 May Cabaret Live Album on Facebook…